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With more than 27 years  experience , Miller's Sharpening Service provides exceptional sharpening in the Cosmetology, Barber, and Pet Grooming Industries. Clients quickly find just how committed we are to their needs.  We serve Professionals
Nation Wide.

Choosing the right sharpening service can be confusing , uncertain and costly. Our business is committed to helping you retain the integrity of your valuable tools with out risking them being miss handled by unqualified hacks.  The best bargain you will ever recieve is  sharpening service from a trained professional.  Avoid guess how sharpening, choose know how sharpening,     Miller's Sharpening Service. 

As a sharpening client choosing Miller's Sharpening Service, you have a unique need that will be matched with professional experience.  We set up a mobil sharpening center right in your shop.  This allows both the stylist and the sharpener to interact to acheive the best possible outcome. By utilizing the  best-in-practice techniques and equipment, we’ve set the bar for sharpening service in this area and exceeding expectations.

We have a great deal of experience and expertise. From embroidery scissors , knives, dental, clipper blades, to the finest Cosmetology shear. Our in depth understanding and honest approach have clients coming to trust with confidence Miller's Sharpening Service.

  • NBTSG Certified Grand Master Sharpener
  • Certified Training and Warrenty Service for Bonika Shears
  • Mastered the Art of Sharpening Fine Cosmetology Shears
  • Flat Hone System as used by leading manufactureres
  • Hand Honing of Critical "Ride Line" edge with Japanese Hones
  • Continuing Education through Guild Sponcered conventions
  • Bonika Shears and Scissor Mall Distributor
  • Master Clipper Blade Sharpening
  • Electric Clipper Repair we service Andis and Oster


Our sharpening makes a noticable improvement in the way a clients hair feels and lays, many clients ask stylists we service what they have done different to make their style so managable.  Just from getting sharpening service

Sharpening Service in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh PA, Cleaveland OH, Erie PA, Mail Order