Clipper Blades are precision cutting instruments.  As such they need precise handling in order to achieve repeatable results.   You may be curious how to sharpen clipper blades in New Castle, but we take the guess work out of clipper sharpening to ensure the blades you receive perform as intended.


Hands free operation for repetability

Trained by Andis and Oster factory authorized service technicians,

we offer more skill, craftsmanship, with state of the art equipment like The Shop Clipper Hone

  • Pre sharpening inspection and testing
  • Hands free honing
  • Hollow Ground finish
  • Deburring
  • Preassembly lubrication
  • Cutter set back to Factory Specs
  • Use Assembly Fixture
  • Measured tension set to Factory Specs
  • Cut testing  with factory test string
  • Premium clipper lubrication
  • Indiviually bagged and wrapped

11 Step Sharpening Process

New assembly fixture makes precision cutter set back and consistant cutting blades.

Blade scale measures cutter tension with in 1/4 pound of factory specifications.

Award Winning Sharpening

2017 Top Score NBTSG

Master Clipper Blades

Sharpened Clipper Blade

We are trained to service and how to sharpen clipper blades in New Castle, including Wahl Arco

5 in 1 blades,  all parts are in stock, you get a new cutter every time.

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If you'd like to know more about our clipper blade sharpening services in New Castle, PA and surrounding areas, contact us today!