Fine Cosmetology Shears Our Specialty

Having the right tools and training makes all the difference. At Miller's Sharpening Service, we provide you with the solid foundation of experience, true flat hone factory finishing, and the certified training you deserve.


Your Satisfaction Is Key


Since opening in 1991 our service & New Castle Certified Master Sharpener maintains a deep commitment to our clients, putting forth the right resources and understanding to ensure your needs are met and your sharpening receives a favorable outcome.

Knowledge & Skill

We understand the complex nature of modern shear construction coupled with more than 25 years of experience and continuing education.  We have hundreds of clients who's trust we have earned.

Whether you are fresh out of cosmetology school or a seasoned hair artist, we can restore your shears to like new condition. Use our years of experience to enhance your styling technique.


Contact us today at 7247614562 to set up an appointment with our New Castle Certified Master Sharpener.

It could be the best decision you'll ever make.


Quality Service is just a click or phone call away.

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With our advanced technology clipper hone, we can get the precise finish and hollow grind on the most demanding blades.


We are very aware of the threat to contamination from COVID 19 and have taken some additional steps to assure sanitation is optimal.  All salon and dental instuments are sanitized with 90% alcohol before and after processing.

Clipper blades are washed in H42 clipper cleaner, a proprietary product that kills viruses including HIV- AIDS.

Onsite salon service we wear a mask, plastic gloves and have our own portable work table. All shears are sanitized with 90% alcohol before and after service.

H42 is a virucidal and antibacterial cleaning solution, is efficaciaous against cross contamination between clients.